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Intercoastal Wine Company


As farmers, our passion begins in the field farming the land.  We are dedicated to the production of amazing wine produced from the highest quality of hand-picked fruit and sustainably certified through Lodi Rules.  Producing premium, award winning wines from Napa Valley, Lodi and Clarksburg, we are Ambassadors of California's finest.

The curves of the waterways along our vineyards inspired the design of our signature "S" logo and artistically represents our family name, Spaletta.

Inspired to capture the experience and significance of each moment in time, our trade-marked slogan "Embrace Every Moment" is printed on each bottle and exemplifies our passion for life.


Rachele Spaletta - Proprietor, Director of Sales and Marketing 
A graduate from the University of California at Davis, Rachele developed a successful sales career in technology for RICOH U.S.A. for over 22 years.  With a passion for people and talent for selling, the experience and knowledge gained through working for “Corporate America” would develop into a business she could call her own.   

“When you truly believe in something, and you are passionate about it, it’s not really selling!” - Rachele Spaletta

Mitch Spaletta - Proprietor, Vineyard Manager, Wine Maker
Many people go through life never finding their true passion.  For Mitch, farming was a passion he was simply born with.  As a second generation farmer, he started farming at a very young age, after following in the footsteps of his father, John Spaletta.  Mitch could be found working in the fields harvesting or driving tractor after school and on weekends, and determined after graduation from High School to return to his love and desire to farm.  His amazing talent for cooking and refined palate for unbelievably delicious flavors has developed into a passion for producing wine with outstanding characteristics.  

“Pairing the right food with the right wine makes the meal not just a meal…. it’s an event… it’s a lifestyle!” - Mitch Spaletta 

Mindy Wendell - Wine Maker 
What began as an internship in 2020, developed into a head wine making position at INTERCOASTAL Wine Company, completing our perfect wine making team!  A 2020 graduate of the University of California, Davis with a bachelors degree in Viticulture and Enology, Mindy has a passion for smaller batch, craftier wine production, and a thirst to expand her knowledge of all things wine continuously.  Outside of time spent in the cellar, Mindy enjoys life advertures with her husband, children and chocolate labrador, camping, hiking, taking trips to Tahoe and more!   

"Winemaking is like life.  You have to find the perfect balance with all the different dynamics it throws at you." - Mindy Wendell



Exceptional wine begins with remarkable grapes…and remarkable grapes come from exceptional farming!  As farmers, we follow the most sustainable, best viticultural practices to help ensure the highest quality of fruit is produced.  Our passion begins in the field, and the wine we produce reflects our dedication and attention to detail.


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