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Intercoastal Wine Company

Rachele Spaletta - CEO
A graduate from the University of California at Davis, Rachele developed a successful sales career in technology for RICOH U.S.A. for the past 22  years.  During this time, she met and married Mitch Spaletta, the farmer she prayed she would one day meet.  With a passion for people and talent for selling, the experience and knowledge gained through working for “Corporate America” would develop into a business she could call her own.  “When you truly believe in something, and you are passionate about it, it’s not really selling!” - Rachele Spaletta

Mitch Spaletta - Vineyard Manager
Many people go through life never finding their true passion.  For Mitch, farming was a passion he was simply born with.  As a second generation farmer, he started farming at a very young age, after following in the footsteps of his father, John Spaletta.  Mitch could be found working in the fields harvesting or driving tractor after school and on weekends, and determined after graduation from High School to return to his love and desire to farm.  His amazing talent for cooking and refined palate for unbelievably delicious flavors has developed into a passion for producing wine with outstanding characteristics.  “Pairing the right food with the right wine makes the meal not just a meal…. it’s an event… it’s a lifestyle!” - Mitch Spaletta 

Eric Lyman - Wine Maker 
Rarely seen without his Giants hat, (and hat turned backwards when he is in “wine-making-mode”), Eric Lyman’s passion for winemaking is second to none.  Although many would agree that superior wine begins from the best fruit, it also is made possible through the talent and true passion of an amazing wine maker!  When asked to describe the flavor profiles of a wine we were producing, we were smitten by Eric’s answer… “It is just sooooooo GOOD!” Eric’s fun-loving personality and often simple descriptives make his refined technical expertise seem so approachable!  His infectious laugh, that brings us to laugh along with him every time we hear it, paired with his professional determination, secured our decision to work with Eric in the development and production of our wines.  “I am passionate about wine making, and passionate to have fun along the way!” - Eric Lyman

Brie Cadman - Assistant Winemaker
Born and raised in Napa, California, Brie has been working on the bottling line at her family’s winery, Tulocay, since she could see over the Italian wooden labeling blocks.  She managed to escape to U.C. Berkeley where she earned her bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a few years later returned for her Master’s in Epidemiology.  Recognizing that science is most fun when you can imbibe the outcome, she returned to Napa, California taking viticulture and enology classes at Napa Valley College.  With a smile that lights up the room, and a keen sense of humor and brilliance, Brie captures the essence of detailed wine profiles through her Rhetorical descriptions.  Her talent, dedication and passion for winemaking makes her an invaluable member of our wine making team. 


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