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Intercoastal Wine Company


INTERCOASTAL Vineyards was founded one evening while we were driving on a winding road going to a friend’s house for dinner…and so our story begins.  My husband said “put on your sales hat, Rachele…our Chardonnay grapes are not in contract this year!”  It was a year that Chardonnay, for many farmers in our area, was not in high demand due to an over-abundance of fruit produced.  During our marriage, my husband always managed the farming, and I managed my own sales career in technology.   I was startled when he asked for my help to “sell” our own fruit.  When grapes are in “contract”, a farmer has the safeguard of knowing where the grapes are going when it is time to harvest, and the knowledge of the price that they will receive.  This time it was different.  After knowing how hard he had worked throughout the year, and the quality of our beautiful fruit, it was not long into our conversation when I exclaimed….”We will bottle it”!  Oddly enough, neither of us really enjoyed Chardonnay (as a varietal), but we agreed that it was the “ oak influence” that we did not like.  Many Chardonnay wines are aged in barrels and the fruit takes on the flavor of the barrel during production.  We decided to produce the wine in stainless steel, and craft a wine that we loved!  First mission accomplished.  It was a surreal and humbling moment for us both to open the refrigerator and see our own wine.  
The curves of the water ways along our vineyards inspired the design of the “S” logo, and it was a symbol that would also represent our last name, Spaletta.  Because our passion begins in the fields farming the land, we are dedicated to the production of amazing wine, produced from the highest quality of fruit, sourced from the best regions in the world in which the fruit is grown!  We are a small lot, small crush winery, focused on producing wine with outstanding characteristics.  Each grape cluster is hand-picked and individually selected to ensure the highest quality of fruit goes into the production of our wine.

As our adventure begins, we know that there will be storms to weather and winding roads ahead just as our story began, but it is an adventure we can call our own!  We hope you join us on our journey!  Cheers to new beginnings…Embrace Every Moment.


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